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Special Wahoo Wednesday — February 21, 6PM

All Members Invited

Special speaker, Don Kent, HUBBS_SEA WORLD RESEARCH INSTITUTE (HSWRI) President and CEO will present a fascinating program about stocking additional marine species as part of the Dick Laub Fisheries Replenishment Program. This new initiative by HSWRI parallels the longstanding white sea bass program, and current research efforts are focused on developing tools for stock replenishment of California halibut.


Additionally, Mr. Kent will bring us up to date on growing opportunities to support domestic seafood and his work to establish the first offshore commercial-scale demonstration farm presently being permitted off the coast of San Diego.



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Save Your White Seabass Heads
Recreational anglers are encouraged to drop off the heads of any legal white seabass they catch at one of the following locations. Please include the location information for where the fish was caught, as well as the date.
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October 9-15, 2018 - East Cape Baja Trip

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Fishing Activities and Tournaments

Baja East CapeFishing activities have always been an important part of Dana Point Yacht Club. Each year the club hosts a number of fishing tournaments open to its members. Rules for these tournaments are designed to stress fun and encourage conservation. Anglers are rewarded for following responsible catch and release practices. At the close of each year, the Vince Talley Memorial Trophy for Angler of the Year is presented to the fishing team that scored the highest number of points in the scheduled tournaments.

Anglers also compete for "first catch of the year" flags and the bragging rights which come with winning. There are eight "First Of The Year" categories: White Sea Bass, Halibut, Yellowtail, Albacore Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Mako, and Marlin. The flags are awarded to the first of each species reported to me that are either caught in local waters on a private boat, or caught during a club event (the only fish caught on a charter boat that count are ones caught on a club sanctioned event).

Our calendar is highlighted by monthly angler meetings where we often bring in industry professionals to educate, and we always brag about our latest catches.

We have monthly local tournaments, and always end the season with a trip to Mexico (fly in and fish locally) that always provides memorable fishing, and a great time by all.

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Wahoo Wednesday

All Members Invited
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Newport Tsunami Kick Off Cruise

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